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I developed The WIN Principle to use as a “Blueprint” to achieve my own Success and others achieve theirs as well. The WIN Principle works!

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Using  my Life Experiences and speaking to others, I developed a “method  to  the madness” called The WIN Principle™, not only to help myself, but others succeed as I have after persevering such obstacles in Life. If I  can do it, You can too! Never lose Faith in Yourself!
My  voice allowed me to be a radio disc jockey by the age of 16 and I   carried that forward in political campaigns and my legal career. As an   Attorney, I have tried everything from a dog bite case to a murder  trial  before Judges and Juries. My Passion extends to helping People  and  Business. I am one of the few Attorneys to ever Attend Gerry  Spence’s  Trial Lawyers College (TLC), and was elected Class President  by my TLC  peers in 2004. I has been involved in many major court cases  across the  United States. Besides my Law practice, I served as a  Special District  Judge, a Special Prosecutor, and I am a successful  Entrepreneur. I am a  published Writer & Author, Photographer,  including having a hard  copy base of 60,000 readers and more online.  I’ve consulted with  individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses and  professionals which led me to  understand what people and companies  need, so I developed The WIN  Principle to use as a “Blueprint” to  achieve my own Success and others  achieve theirs as well. The WIN  Principle works!

What Makes Tommy Right For You

I am a Fighter; a Maverick! I have had great loss and success in my   Life.I have made and lost more money than I can imagine. I’ve been  hired  & fired. I’ve been in car & bike accidents where I should  have  died. I’ve been shot at (Twice). When I was 18, I held my  father’s hand  as he took his last breath. I was taken advantage of by  people in my  past and lost so much money it nearly bankrupted me twice.  I’ve had to  get rid of a mansion, been through divorce actions, and  I’ve been sued. I  lost two of my best friends; one to alcohol and one  in a plane cash.  There have been days where I felt so lost, I could not  do anything.  But..I Never gave up!

I  am a successful Lawyer, Author, Public Speaker and Entrepreneur. I  bring my knowledge and lifetime of experience to You in a honest,  inspiring yet easy to understand method called The WIN Principle™  I   share The WIN Principle™ and related Topics through my Motivational   Speaking, Seminars, Workshops and Consulting with Clientele. I work   with Corporations, Executives, Business Leaders, Sales Teams,   Entrepreneurs, Employees, Universities and those who are open to a   memorable and proven method to reach your highest goals and More!