Tommy Johnson, Esq: Action Acronymist

Action Acronymist

Im an Action Acronymist. I've studied their effectiveness in presentations and memory retention for years. Complexity in Society causes confusion, frustration, stress and anxiety. Work and Life are fast paced and competitive. People need help. Lack of Focus and Concentration costs Companies and Universities time, productivity and money. My Keynotes, Professional Speaking and Book are based upon Action Acronyms. Using Action Acronyms, I can Motivate, Captivate, Engage, and make my Presentations more memorable for Your Event and Attendees. 

Why Acronyms Work

Acronyms are "Mnemonic" devices and techniques a person can use to help  improve their ability to remember something. It is a PROVEN technique to help your brain better encode and recall important information. It’s a simple shortcut that helps us associate the  information we need to remember with a meaningful, action based word.

Complex and elaborate methods are too difficult to recall and apply every day. Simple Solutions by use of Acronyms are  straightforward, honest, and memorable.

Why I'm Better for You

Simple is not the same as easy.  Easy is lazy and takes no effort. A Creative Action Acronym on a Relevant and Important topic works when effort, energy and action are used to develop a great Presentation. The first "secret" why I'm better at Presenting valuable Topics and information to your Company Event or University (which is no secret  at all), is to realize the answer to any problem is not me, but exists within You. My expertise in developing Memorable, Engaging and Captivating Action Acronym based Topics not only entertains, but will help your bottom dollar.