Tommy Johnson, Esq.
Keynote Speaker
Action Acronymist

Author, Entrepreneur, Trial Lawyer and Creator of 

The WIN Principle™

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The WIN Principle™

The WIN Principle™ is what you need to win and succeed in Life. It’s an Action Acronym Presentation designed for dymanic Events!


  • The WIN Principle™ stands for many things:
    WHAT I NEED to Succeed
  • Don't listen to those who say you can't do it. You can and will!
  • Ask  yourself, WHAT IS YOUR WHY? Why do you get up in the morning? Why do  you want to succeed? Why are you on this earth? Do you want to leave  your mark on this earth? Do you want a better Life?
  • In  order to know your WHY,  you must be willing to learn and to Change in  order to be BETTER. Better in all aspects of your life. The WIN  Principle is a simple blueprint to Help YOU do this!

The WIN Principle™ Philosophy

The  WIN Principle™ is one but many things. It's a Philosophy; a Game  changer for me, and it will be for you as well in your life!
The WIN Principle is what my Keynotes, professional speaking, book and consulting is based upon.
In order to be Successful, You need the basics that so many people overlook today. Everyone seems to be selling a product or business for you to try and make money, yet they tend to come short of helping you Invest in YOURSELF, Your Company or Business NEEDS that make the FOUNDATION for the jump to Success. That's where my value is to You! My series of topics in The WIN Principle™ can be tailored to Your  specific needs to help you become better and Succeed.

I  developed The WIN Principle to use as a “Blueprint” to achieve my own   Success and others achieve theirs as well. The WIN Principle works!

It’s not, “If you need me”: It’s “YOU NEED  ME NOW!”
So book Tommy Johnson to boost your
Corporation, Business, Association and even YOURSELF to the NEXT LEVEL for Success and Life! The WIN Principle Works!

Why you Need Tommy Johnson, Esq.

My name is Tommy Johnson, but my family and friends call me TJ.
I grew up in the ArkLaTex learning the meaning of hard work. I  worked  hauling hay and in the rice fields in my childhood and teen  years. My  family taught me the importance of getting an education.
My voice allowed me to be a radio disc jockey by the age of 16
and  I carried that forward in political campaigns and my legal career.  As  an Attorney, I have tried everything from a dog bite case to a  murder  trial before Judges and Juries. My Passion extends to helping  People and  Business. I am one of the few Attorneys to ever Attend Gerry  Spence’s  Trial Lawyers College (TLC), and was elected Class President  by my TLC  peers in 2004. I has been involved in many major court cases  across the  United States. I served as a Special District Judge, a  Special Prosecutor, and Entrepreneur. I am a  published Writer &  Author, Photographer, including having a hard  copy base of 60,000  readers and more online. I’ve consulted with individuals, entrepreneurs,  businesses and professionals which led me to  understand what people  and companies need, so I developed The WIN Principle to use as a  “Blueprint” to achieve my own Success and help others achieve theirs as  well. The WIN Principle works!